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Bee Struthers


Bee graduated from Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen with a BA(Hons) degree in painting in 2009 followed by a Masters degree in Curatorial Practice. Since this time she has been fortunate to exhibit, participate in and organise various events throughout Scotland. 

Her main enquiry involves the exploration and interaction people have with the areas they live in, specifically focusing on the built environment. This idea - called Psychogeography - has been the basis of her fine art practice, written investigations and curatorial themes. 

Her preferred medium of choice is collage, often using photographs and drawings of existing buildings in a bid to get people to recognise and recall their own memories of them. In highlighting often overlooked details with bold colour and using chimney pots and windows as common motifs she hopes that her work will encourage people to look a little closer and a little longer at the world around them.